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The British Council for the Teaching of English accredits BABSSCo summer School courses. We regularly inspected by the British Council, which guarantees the quality of our teaching, administration, premises, resources, accommodation and welfare. The most recent inspection was 2015.

Please note that BABSSCo Online is not accredited by the British Council. 

English UK

We are a member of English UK, the leading association for private and public language teaching establishments in Britain and we adhere to its code of practice.

BABSSCo is also a member of Young Learners English UK; a Special Interest Group of English UK for accredited providers of quality English language courses for Young Learners (we identify 'Young Learners' as children and teenagers aged from 7 to 17 years). The group is committed to providing a safe and rewarding language learning experience for students while in the UK, through a commitment to offering the highest standards of welfare, management and teaching. 

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