Why Choose BABSSCo English Summer Language Schools?

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BABSSCo has welcomed over 10,000 students from more than 50 countries on our superb English and Activity Courses for girls and boys aged 8 to 17. 

Our summer courses offer a full programme of English tuition, as well as social activities, sports and cultural excursions, so that you practise your English all day. When you come on our courses, you get a taste of life in the UK as well as the chance to improve your speaking and understanding of everyday English.

Over many years we have developed our courses to provide a programme that will develop and challenge individuals in a safe and inspiring learning environment.

  • Improve your English skills in England
  • Be taught by qualified and enthusiastic EFL English Language teachers
  • Experience and explore British culture & history
  • Have access to all the excellent facilities in every school
  • Make new friends from all over the world
  • Enjoy a full programme of activities and social events
  • Be looked after by our energetic and caring staff
  • The course fee is fully inclusive - just bring pocket money
  • Have an unforgettable holiday experience
Why Choose BABSSCo Online?
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BABSSCo Online is a virtual English language school for 8 to 22-year-olds.  Our courses offer one-to-one online tutorials with BABSSCo teachers and interactive self-study programmes on our online campus.

  • Continue progress made during your summer course in the UK
  • Study year-round with a BABSSCo Teacher whenever and wherever you like
  • Benefit from one to one tuition
  • Go at your own pace and cover a study programme that's personalised to you
  • Get instant feedback on your progress and review recordings of your lessons any time
  • Attend individual tutorials in a virtual classroom to practice your speaking, listening and pronunciation
  • Study general English or prepare for international English language exams like PET, FCE, CAE and IELTS
  • Receive a full progress report at the end of your course
  • Create your own study plan in consultation with your teacher
What the Pupils say about their BABSSCo Experience
"The best thing about the course was that we met people from other countries. It was a great experience. I would love to come next year." Vivi, Greece
"I had a great time here, I made friends and I hope that I can come here again the last summer!!! See you!." Sofia, Greece
"The staff and my teacher were extremely nice and helpful." Sophie, Austria
"Funny lessons and people from different countries. I had a lot of fun!" Sarah, Germany
"I made many new friends and it gave me the opportunity to gain more confidence. I loved it here, teachers, staff and other students were very helpful and friendly." Rushna, Pakistan
"I can talk to other countries people and excursion was fun. I had a very very very good time on this course!! I want to come here again!! I don’t want to go back to Japan." Rena, Japan
"Met many people from other countries. And that we had the possibility to see so many places in England. I enjoyed this course very much. I like the croissants in the morning." Theresa, Austria
"I love the lessons, it is fun and it is so different from my school. We have different ways to study and learn" Yarann, Cambodia
"The best thing about the course was the excursions, new friends, the lessons, people of BABSSCo and activities" Daniella, Mexico
"I had a lot of fun and I made new friends" Andrea, Sweden
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