Why Teens May Prefer To Learn English Online

Posted: 05 May 2015

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There have been several articles in the media recently about the benefits of online learning.  The Guardian published one this month about the success of e-learning courses in the healthcare workplace.  But online learning has an even more relevant candidate.  Adolescents and teenagers thrive on it.

Young Learners Prefer to Read Online

Online English courses suit young learners because, as studies have shown, they prefer to read online.  In 2013, a BBC News article wrote, "not only are children and young people more likely to read on electronic devices than they are to read paper-based materials, but they also do it more often."  This conclusion came from a study by The National Literacy Trust of nearly 35,000 8-16-year-olds.

Since then, print has continued to fall behind screen based reading for adolescents and teenagers.  BABSSCo online English learning courses are successful because they provide an educational platform that young people prefer to use.

Young Learners Prefer Flexible Study

Online learning affords flexible study, which has been proven to be more appropriate for adolescents and teenagers.  Adolescents need more sleep than adults and often function at odd hours, such as late at night.  Though it can be difficult for young people to sleep before 11pm, their bodies need an optimal 8.5-9.5 hours of sleep per night.  This is not always possible with typical school schedules.

BABSSCo solves this problem by offering flexible study when young students are most likely to learn and retain the material.  With our online courses, students get easy access to English classes and their choice of study times. 

Online students don't need to commute, and they can learn in an environment in which they are most comfortable.  Also, the pace is flexible; students don't need to rush through materials faster or slower depending on which level of study their peers have reached.

Learning English Online Is Less Distracting

Online learning with Babssco offers an experience much like having a private tutor, but at a fraction of the cost.  This doesn't mean that pupils cannot socialise and learn with their peers; there are interactive exercises and an online campus in which they can practice English with students internationally. Rather, it gives pupils control of how and when they socialise and lets them focus when they need less distraction. 

Learning English Online is designed to fit young learning styles, schedules, preferences, and budgets.  It optimises adolescents' and teenagers' ability to retain the English that they learn while aligning with their biological, academic and social needs.

For more information on our English learning online platform, contact BABSSCo.

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