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BABSSCo Online is a virtual English language school for learners from 8 to 22 years old.  Our courses offer one-to-one online tutorials with BABSSCo teachers and interactive self-study programmes on our online campus.

BABSSCo Online English Lessons

At BABSSCo, we check your level of English before you begin lessons with a short online test.  Then we create a personalised study programme just for you.  This includes a series of one-to-one lessons held in an online classroom with your dedicated BABSSCo English teacher, accompanied by a self-study course full of activities, games and learning materials produced by Macmillan, a leading publisher of English Language Teaching (ELT) materials.

BABSSCo Online English Teachers

One-to-one tutorials with a BABSSCo teacher will help you to improve your speaking and pronunciation so you can communicate more effectively in English.  We will provide individual help with the language areas that are most important to you.  Our friendly and enthusiastic teachers give you the encouragement and individual feedback you need to succeed.

  • Schedule your forty-five minute lessons at a time that suits you
  • Study with the same teacher throughout your course
  • Review recorded lessons any time you want to
  • Benefit from teachers with native speaking levels of English

BABSSCo Online English Campus Courses:

Your course on the BABSSCo campus allows you to progress through interactive self-study materials at a pace that suits you, with the opportunity to work on any problem areas with your teacher in your one-to-one lessons.  In our online courses you can:

  • Listen to conversations, watch videos and read texts in English
  • Participate in interactive exercises and get instant feedback on your progress
  • Play language games to practise the language you have learnt
  • Study from first-rate materials produced by a leading English language teaching publisher.

Fees and Booking at BABSSCo

BABSSCo offers individualised tuition programmes in a secure online environment.  Study year-round at a time and place that is convenient to you, with BABSSCo teachers from our summer schools.  Online English lessons are suitable for students at an English level of elementary or above.  Book now to join the online revolution.

There is a world of opportunity out there.  Make the most of it by learning English online with BABSSCo.  To join our exclusive trial, please complete the online booking form. We will then be in touch to arrange your course and payment.






Terms and Conditions

Please see terms & conditions for studying with BABSSCo Online here.

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