Online English Lessons

BABSSCo Online English courses teach speaking, listening, reading, writing, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary to students aged between 8 and 22.  Students take one-to-one online tutorials with our qualified EFL (English as a foreign language) tutors, who specialise in teaching younger learners and have a native speaking command of English.  Our teachers introduce new material in creative, interesting ways that help to boost learning, and personalise lessons to focus on what each student most needs to learn.  As well as taking lessons, our students complete fun, interactive exercises on our online campus, getting instant feedback on their progress. 

BABSSCo Ability Levels

BABSSCo Online English courses are open to students from elementary to advanced level. They are not suitable for complete beginners.

BABSSCo Online English Lessons

Before their first lesson, our students take a placement test on the self-study campus to check their level of grammar, vocabulary and listening.  In the first lesson, we will discuss learning goals and ask for a self-assessment of language strengths and weaknesses.  We also conduct an oral test where we check the student's level of spoken English.

At BABSSCo, we'll learn about our student's interests and particular challenges. Then we'll develop an online learning experience that suits the individual student.  You may have goals such as exam preparation or help improving your pronunciation.  We'll help you to achieve these goals with an outline that is individualised and effective.

Scheduling and Lesson Length

Each English language lesson is 45 minutes long, and there are 2, 5 or 10 lessons in a course.  All lessons are taken with the same teacher, ensuring teachers and students have the chance to get to know each other well through the course.  Students grow in confidence, and teachers learn what a student needs to work on to improve their level of English.  Each course is no more than three months long.  Many students choose to take one or two lessons per week, although you may arrange for more intensive courses if you like.  

Once a personalised study programme is created for you, you will begin to learn at a pace that fits your schedule.  Teaching includes self-study learning activities and games that are developed by Macmillan, a leading publisher of English Language Training (ELT) materials.  In lessons, your teacher will give you the chance to practise the language you have learnt on the self-study campus, using activities and materials that are helpful and fun.

Signing up for our English programs is easy when you use our online booking form.  Simply fill out the details, and we will be in touch to arrange your course and set up payment.  

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