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BABSSCo Online was set up to provide great quality English tuition to students wherever and whenever they want to study. This gives students from all over the world a chance to study with the same high quality teachers that make BABSSCo so popular.   

The courses are developed and managed by the Harrow School Head of EAL. Our teachers work at Harrow School in the summer teaching English at BABSSCo summer school.  This is a residential summer camp for international students who want to study English and is run by Harrow School Enterprises. 

What we provide for guardianship agencies:

  • We offer a bespoke tuition service which enhances the package you can offer prospective clients. 
  • Our programmes involve a series of one-to-one online tutorials of 45 minutes with a dedicated BABSSCo teacher, along with access to an online campus packed with activities and games designed to help language learning.  Lessons can be taken after school, at weekends and during school holidays, without the need for students to travel to a tuition centre.  Students study from the comfort of their home, working with qualified and experienced tutors who specialise in teaching English to younger learners.
  • Study programmes are tailored to individual student needs.  We find the students referred to us by guardianship agencies often need to focus on broadening their range of vocabulary, increasing their grammatical accuracy, improving their ability to write essays and compositions, reducing their accent, and reading and understanding English literature.  We can provide preparation for international exams including IELTS and IGCSE English, and homework coaching.


2 trial lessons: £100

5 lesson programme: £230

10 lesson programme: £450

Guardianships receive a £100 commission payment for each student referred who books a course of 10 lessons. For more information and terms and conditions contact

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