Student Airport Transfers

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Airport transfers will be organised for all students who request it, provided they are in possession of a valid return ticket completed with a time and date. It is not acceptable to arrive with an undated ticket. BABSSCo is not responsible for booking return tickets.

Our staff will meet students arriving at a UK airport on a flight and accompany them to their destination school. We will collect any children travelling as Unaccompanied Minors directly from their airline representatives. An Unaccompanied Minor is where you have paid the airline to escort your child from their home country to the United Kingdom.

Airport transfers (as indicated below) are included in the course fee and valid for the arrival and departure day of the course that the student has registered for.

Airport Transfers

  • Harrow School
    • Heathrow
    • Luton
    • St Pancras


  • Mill Hill School
    • Heathrow
    • Luton
    • St Pancras


  • Heathfield School
    • Heathrow
  • Dulwich College
    • Heathrow
    • Gatwick
    • St Pancras


Terms & Conditions
  • Arrivals must be organised between 06.00 and 18.00.
  • Departures must be organised between 08.00 and 19.00. Any arrival outside of the arrival and departure window on the actual transfer day may incur an additional charge of £150 at the discretion of BABSSCo.
  • Students attending Harrow or Mill Hill Schools, and wishing to fly into or out of London Gatwick or Stansted Airports on the stated arrival or departure date may do so, but will incur an additional charge of £150 per transfer.
  • If a student cannot obtain a plane ticket for the correct arrival or departure date within the timings stated above, or for the correct airport for their school, an additional charge will be incurred. We will not guarantee to take such bookings. Please speak to BABSSCo Admissions for more information.
  • It is essential that BABSSCo is kept informed of any changes to the student's travel arrangements. Students must not assume that BABSSCo has received details of changes until they are acknowledged by us in writing. BABSSCo always confirms travel details.
  • Airport transfers will be either by car, minibus or coach. Trains or public transport may be used at our discretion.
  • Any student not requiring a transfer to an approved airport at the end of the course must be accompanied from the school by an authorised adult. A child will not be permitted to leave the course unattended.
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