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When you study at a BABSSCo summer School you will receive three wholesome meals each day.

Nutrition and Learning

Good nutrition helps young learners to concentrate. It has a positive effect on classroom behaviour and attendance. Research has shown that students who eat a healthy diet are more likely to score well on exams. For these reasons, BABSSCo serves healthy, delicious food at each of our summer schools.

Dietary Restrictions and Requirements

We provide a balanced menu of tasty meals that our students look forward to and enjoy. When you apply, please tell us if you have any special dietary requirements. We offer vegetarian options and will do our best to cater to any special needs you may have. As a general rule, it's always best to discuss special dietary requirements prior to attending a course.

Sample Menus

BABSSCo provides healthy options such as a variety of meat and vegetarian dishes, as well as fresh vegetables and soups. We serve hot food options at each of the three meals per day. In the mornings, there are always continental and hot breakfast options available. Salads and a range of fresh fruit are offered with lunch and dinner. During lesson breaks we also provide refreshments. See the bottom of this page to download and view a complete sample menu.

BABBSCo's Fully Inclusive Courses

Student meals are all included in the course fees, and most meals are eaten in the student dining halls. During excursions, students will have a packed lunch or meal. At times, students will eat meals at cafes and restaurants.

For more information on our school meals, please contact BABSSCo today.


What the Pupils say about their BABSSCo Experience
"The best thing about the course was that we met people from other countries. It was a great experience. I would love to come next year." Vivi, Greece
"I had a great time here, I made friends and I hope that I can come here again the last summer!!! See you!." Sofia, Greece
"The staff and my teacher were extremely nice and helpful." Sophie, Austria
"Funny lessons and people from different countries. I had a lot of fun!" Sarah, Germany
"I made many new friends and it gave me the opportunity to gain more confidence. I loved it here, teachers, staff and other students were very helpful and friendly." Rushna, Pakistan
"I can talk to other countries people and excursion was fun. I had a very very very good time on this course!! I want to come here again!! I don’t want to go back to Japan." Rena, Japan
"Met many people from other countries. And that we had the possibility to see so many places in England. I enjoyed this course very much. I like the croissants in the morning." Theresa, Austria
"I love the lessons, it is fun and it is so different from my school. We have different ways to study and learn" Yarann, Cambodia
"The best thing about the course was the excursions, new friends, the lessons, people of BABSSCo and activities" Daniella, Mexico
"I had a lot of fun and I made new friends" Andrea, Sweden

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